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About Gelabeansss

Fashion Blog

Her name is Angela Beatriz de la Vega and goes by a million and one nicknames. For this blog, she decides to go by GELABEANSSS. A 20-something year old fashion enthusiast. The youngest of three and the other half of Patrick Henry Julaton, well, almost. 😉


This blog is mostly about fashion, but she refuses to call it a Fashion Blog, more like a Personal Style blog, with little sprinkles of music, tv show and movie reviews/updates, food babies, and her little adventures (alone or with her boyfriend and/or family and/or friends).

Leather Gelabeansss

How is my blog different from other personal style blog, you might ask? Well, I am NOT the kind of person who CAN shop all the time because of financial restraints. I can go on and on about where the money I earn goes but that’s just going to bore the bajeezus out of you (and me, even). And even with some extra money, I prefer to shop at Department Stores (hence the name), flea markets and thrift shops. I can earn for designer duds, but, heck, I don’t wanna! I want the bang for my buck!

Also, I have a body type that no magazine, website, or newspaper can ever classify. I’m not skinny, not plump, not even just right. But I, as the great Tim Gunn says, try (operative word) to make it work.

Another thing is that I live in the province and I acquire weird stares from people, given the fact that the norm here is a shirt-pants-flip-flops ensemble. However, I don’t really care, just as long as I do what I love to do.

We could go on and on, but we could sum it up in a few words, I am a personal style blogger and I am the Department Store Girl 🙂

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