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How to Pleasure Me

February 10, 2013


I noticed that I haven’t been posting random thoughts in my blog lately. It wasn’t my intention to make my blog purely about style. It’s just that I’ve had so many things to do for work that I don’t have a lot of time to write or make a decent post. I guess this is what adults have been telling me when I was younger, that as I grow a year older, life will have its way of sneaking up on you. If that makes sense.

Although I must say, I have a lot of things pent up for me this year blog-wise and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep up with my goals. But that’s another story. Let’s get to the point of this post, shall we?

I was blog surfing one day and I saw this one article from Ivon Domingo about the pleasures in life. Given that “All blogs post the same stuff” (Unknown, 2012), might as well jump into the bandwagon and write my own list of the little things that I love/am thankful for. The contents of my Pleasure list.

A visit from my boyfriend from Monday ‘till Friday at 7am

Discovering a new song that not many has heard yet (how hipster of me)

The sheer excitement of finding and downloading an eBook (a free one at that. Yo-ho!)

The feel of an overcast day.

Smelling the breeze of the valley on the way to Baguio, but not on the City itself.

The sound of my facebook chatbox popping up

Finishing the eBook I downloaded. Plus points if it was a good one.


Monthly anniversaries (Yep. We still celebrate them despite 3 years of being together…we are the Cheesy kind)

Unearthing a new English word and actually using it on a daily basis.

My niece saying (clearly and profoundly), “You’re the best, Tita

My nephew’s shrill laughter.

My brother and his wife coming home for the weekend.

Waking up to seven text messages from Patrick.

A fully charged phone

Payday (Whut, whut!).

Hearing the LBC man call my name.

Tearing up the LBC package.

Finding out that there are shoes/clothes/accessories inside the LBC package.

October TV Show premieres

My sister calling me “Gel.”

Proofreading someone’s write-up.

When one of my bestfriends come home from Manila.

When my other bestfriend tells me that she wants to come over.

People asking me for style advice. It’s rare but it happens.

Being able to dish out a tongue-in-cheek remark (and people laughing at it)

Friends telling me their relationship problems and asking for advice (this makes me feel as if Patrick and I are doing some things right!)

Getting new followers on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram/Lookbook/Bloglovin

Prancing around the house in high heels.

Procuring well-meaning comments on my blog.

Finishing a movie/tv show download.



End of work day.

Watching back-to-back youtube videos.

The cold sensation and taste of Vanilla Ice Cream in my mouth.

Seeing my parents cuddle.

Memorizing a new song that keeps playing over and over my head.

The scent of freshly cut grass or rained-upon concrete.

Full junk mail (I know it’s weird but that’s where all my social media alerts are directed)

When someone notices that I have really brown eyes.

Tight hugs that last for more than 10 minutes.

Surprise tight hugs from behind.

Birthday greetings, genuine or reminded by Facebook.

Hand massages.

When people touch my hair despite its roughness. It’s amazingly calming.

The feeling after taking a bath.

They boyfriend sneaking up to caress my face even though he knows I’m only pretend sleeping on the couch.

Finishing 50 sit-ups.

Driving lessons with my boyfriend.

(I’m going to quote some things on Ivon’s list as I can relate to them, as well)

The sight of the waiter with the food you ordered.


30-second movie trailers.

Being able to whip up a witty response IMMEDIATELY.

Finding money in your pocket or bag.

Hearing  “job well done” remarks from your boss.

Seeing a groom tear-up as he sees his bride in her wedding gown.

If you have noticed (if you’re even able to reach the end of this blog), these are things that money can’t buy. By now you may be wondering what the point of is. But to be frank, as I was writing this, I felt a sense of calm, of contentment. It is true that if we count the little things in life that make us happy, then there will be more to be thankful for.

Etreintes et bisous,

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