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4 of 30: Embracing my Curves

February 6, 2013


An all black outfit for today. My style comfort zone.

Style Blog

Top: F&H | Leather Shrots: Anxiety Clothing | Shoes and Hat: SM Department Store | Sunnies: Charlie Apparel (Via Zalora) | Plated Necklace: Trendphile Manila | Snake Multi-way Necklace: Christmas Bazaar | Spike Cuff and 4-finger Connector Ring: Sponge and Bob Accessories

Spike Bracelet

To everybody who keeps prodding about how thin I am, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: MY CURVES!

I don’t know if anybody’s noticed but most of the time, I only wear skirts or flared shorts to hide how wide my hips and how huge my thighs are. Those are some of the insecurities that I have but I’m thankful that I have ways to hide it through clothes. On one day out with Patrick and his sisters, though, I’ve decided to embrace what my momma gave me!

Spike Bracelet 2

I love this necklace that I got from a Christmas Bazaar, I think it’s unique. It has a magnet at the snake head so I can adjust it to my desired length, I can also use it as an accent belt!

Cat-eye sunnies

Hi, babe! I seeeee youuuu! 😀

Patrick tells me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed about my hips. He tells me that most men prefer curvy women than skinny ones because they have more cheeks to pinch. LOL! To be honest, though, it makes me feel so much better about myself. I guess that at some point, we have to look at things at a different perspective to appreciate what we were given.

Fashion Blog

I didn’t want to flaunt too much, however, so I went ahead and wore a black on black outfit, otherwise known as the universally flattering color. Every time I couldn’t think of a decent outfit, I just throw on all my black clothes and go with it, kinda like my comfort zone.

All Black


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