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1 of 30: Sweater and Leather Weather

February 2, 2013

Don’t you just love my title? I’ve had it in mind since the day I wore this outfit…which was last December. Witty, eh? *Sarcasm* image

Also, I’ve been trying so hard to keep myself from adding the word forever just so it won’t sound like a cheezy blog title…

Oh screw it, I’m gonna say it anyway. Sweater and Leather Weather Forever.Aaaaah, that feels so good.


Sweater: Night Market | Leather Skirt: Wearelse Boutique (Patrick’s Gift) | Booties: Asianvogue| Disco Beanie: ExtremeFinds | Accessories and Bag:Sponge and Bob | Gold Bangle: Forever21 (Patrick’s Gift)

I wore this outfit on New Year’s eve when I, together with my family, went to Baguio Country Club’s Christmas Village. I rarely go out so everytime I do, I make sure that I’m dressed to the nines.


I am actually doing a 30 for 30 challenge and this is outfit 1. If you don’t know what that is, you may refer to the post here.

Detail Shots:


I got this sweater at Baguio’s night market during one of my bestfriend’s birthday. I saw something similar at forever21 a few weeks back which cost about 2000php and I was really drawn to buying it, but it’s a good thing that I didn’t because this one costs  33pesos (less than a dollar)! Oh the perks of living adjacent to Baguio!


My new favorite skirt by far! They boyf, his sisters and I went shopping in Wearelse before New Year and this is one of the things that I managed to snag. Also, do you see that gorgeous bag I’m carrying? It only costs less than 500, SCORE!


WARNING: From this point forward, I’m going to write down my thoughts a.k.a. a mediocre write-up. You may continue at your own risk OR you can click on the X button up there.


On New Year’s eve, a Facebook friend posted, “Ano ba magbabago, pwera sa isang numero sa kalendaryo?” (Gutierrez, 2012). That quote stood out from all the “Happy New Year” and “Welcome 2013” status updates, since I had the same mind-set. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the fireworks, food feasts and family reunions as much as the next guy, I just don’t understand the concept between celebrating it.

Most people would say that the New Year is a chance for everybody to start anew. But come to think of it, do we really need the calendar to give us permission to change? Is it necessary to wait for January 1st to start progress? If we only “change for the better” during the start of the year, what happened to the rest of last year?

I’m not being sardonic; I believe in change. Unlike most people, I like change, regardless of what form it comes in, especially improvement. I just don’t think it’s essential to make it a new year’s resolution; it should be a liberal component of our everyday lives without taking heed as to what day it is.

My Facebook friends probably think I’m being hypocritical right now since a day after New Year, I posted about being nice to people on 2013 (non-verbatim). To be honest, however, I’ve settled on that resolution (as well as a few others which I’m not sure whether I should mention or not because this post is becoming a little too narcissistic with all the “I’s” and “Me’s”) on a random day last year and it’s still a work in progress. I admit that some actions (not people) still irk the bajeezus out of me but I try (again, TRY being the operative word here) my utmost best to take them all with a grain of salt, since I know that my actions probably make people want to question humanity or even kill themselves. Oh, I am aware, trust me.

I realized that I have digressed. Apologies.

Let me get to my point, I am not questioning people who made their New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, I salute them for wanting to make breakthroughs; I am also hoping that they can keep their settlements not just for the whole year but for the rest of their lives. All I’m doing is merely suggesting that everyday should be a constant battle to make ourselves better in every aspect that we have and believe in. Oh and by the way, don’t give me that “it’s too hard, I can’t do it” crap! It doesn’t have to be an immensely dramatic development, start small and build your way from there.

Well that’s it. My two cents. Whether you take it by heart or not is completely up to you.


Happy New Year!


Photos by Patrick Julaton 🙂

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